Digger Pinecones

Ornament your fireplace or hearth or garden with these standing Digger Pinecones.

The Digger Pinecone (from the Pinus sabiniana tree) also known as 'Combat Pinecone' (because of its weight and spiky pointed tips), California Foothills Pinecone, The Gray Pinecone and Bull Cone. It is a massive and heavy cone with heights up to 12" which make them one of the largest pine cones.

The Digger Pinecone is often found in the California Foothills near Mt. Diablo Park. Digger cones are a very heavy cone and used often as the centerpiece of seasonal displays. Makes an excellent table decoration by itself or with a raffia ribbon bow.

Jeffrey Pine Cone of Lake Tahoe


Wikipedia Description of a Digger Pinecone: Pinus sabiniana (sometimes spelled P. sabineana), with the common names gray pine, California foothill pine, and the more historically and internationally useddigger pine, is a pine endemic to California in the United States. It is also known as foothill pine, ghost pine, bull pine, and nut pine.

The Pinus sabiniana tree typically grows to 36–45 feet (11–14 m), but can reach 105 feet (32 m) feet in height. The needles of the pine are in fascicles (bundles) of three, distinctively pale gray-green, sparse and drooping, and grow to 20–30 centimetres (7.9–12 in) in length. The seed cones are large and heavy, 12–35 centimetres (4.7–14 in) in length and almost as wide as they are long. The male cones grow at the base of shoots on the lower branches.

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